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mckinstry said...

My great grandfather, Lawton Hinds Archer, a passenger en-route from the Gold Coast where he was customs excise officer in the Colonial Service, perished when the "Burutu" sank. My grandmother said his body washed up on the coast of Scotland, where it was discovered by a school teacher. Do you know if there are any documented eyewitness accounts of that night, or passenger records of the casualties?
Phillip McKinstry,
Houston, Texas,

Amanda said...

Hi Philip, have you seen this page on the blog?
It starts with an earlier event on the Burutu but deals with the sinking. I also have some newspaper reports but they don't have any passenger lists.
If you would like to see the newspaper reports please email me at and I'll send them to you.

Best wishes

Amanda said...

Sorry Philip, I just realised my mistake on the last post - my email is

Please get in touch