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From time to time I splash out and purchase a war diary from the National Archives site.  I think they're amazing value; for £3:50 you get a collection of battalion war diaries (organised by division and brigade) usually hundreds of pages. Some of them have maps, reports, orders etc included.

In some places on the blog I have transcribed a section of a diary, usually the day when a particular man was killed. But I realise that you might be interested in other days, or in knowing what is in the diaries before you purchase them.
So, I've been creating a detailed contents list for each diary and you can link to them below.

If you have a question about any of the diaries I have please leave it as a comment on this page or email me thewarmemorial@gmail.com

Below are the National Archive references for the diaries I have, they consist of the NA reference (WO--/----) the title which is usually a division and brigade, then a list of the battalion diaries with the dates covered.

I am not the best at searching the NA documents online, and I have had some trouble finding the battalion diaries sometimes, if you're new to it and have tried searching for the battalion without success I suggest you find out which division that battalion was part of at the time you are interested in and search for the battalion.

Click on the title to go to the contents list (ongoing project)
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WO 95/1572

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WO 95/1506
4 DIVISION 12 INFANTRY BRIGADE: 1 Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1914 Aug. - 1919 Feb./ 2 Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment 1914 Nov. - 1916 Jan.

7 DIVISION, 22 INFANTRY BRIGADE: 1 Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1914 Oct. - 1917 Nov./ Brigade Machine Gun Company 1916 Feb. - 1917 Nov./ Brigade Trench Mortar Battery 1915 Mar. - Dec.

WO 95/2929
55 DIVISION, 166 INFANTRY BRIGADE: 1/5 Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1916 Jan. - 1917 Dec. / 1/5 Battalion South Lancashire Regiment 1916 Jan. - 1919 July / 1/10 Battalion King's Liverpool...

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