Sunday, October 21, 2012

The memorial - carved details

At the moment I am trying to get quotes for the recreation of the missing part of the memorial. This is proving to be tricky as there isn't very much information about it and unfortunately, the 1920 photograph isn't clear enough to make out all the carved pieces.
Here are some close-ups from the photoggraph, beginning at the bottom. The base has 5 carvings. Close-ups from left to right.
First (left) an acorn (this area of the photo is the clearest and as you move up and to the right it becomes less focused.)

The second carving from the base... anyone know what this is?
The third (centre) carving from the base, furled leaves?
Fourth from the left on the base is a thistle.
far right on the base... anyone?
The top of the reredos, this section looks very intricately carved, if anyone can help me out with the proper names for these sorts of carvings I would appreciate it.
close-up of the carving in the centre, not very clear, I am hoping it may be a badge or standard symbol for something, does anyone recognise it?

The top row of carvings, this piece has 6 carved bits, and although some of them are the same as the bottom ones, there are some more that I am not sure about.
close-ups from left to right
left carving, acorns for strength and rebirth, possibly victory

second from the left, a rose for England
third from the left, any ideas? probably a symbol for Ireland - could it be a Celtic Knot or snakes?
 fourth from the left, a thistle for Scotland

fifth from the left, another rose/flower? EDIT it's been pointed out to me that this is a daffodil for Wales. 

last carving on the top right, any suggestions?


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