Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Notices, Local Newspapers 1914-1918

It's been a while since I had any new information to add to the blog so I am pleased to announce that I am updating several entries with information from family notices placed in the Liverpool Echo 1914-1918.  To avoid duplicate entries I will be adding transcripts of the notices to the original posts for the following men: (if you would like an image of the newspaper notice please get in touch)

Arthur P Beattie
William Beattie
William Bolton
Thomas H Bramwell
Norman Bracher
Edward Burston
Henry Percy Clarke
Robert D Corran
Allan Dawson
Hugh S Elliott
William H Elliott
George J Harker
Percy Harwood
Richard H Jaques
Herbert W.R. Jeffes
Matthew Jones
Herbert Ledger and his brother David Ledger
James Llewellin
Richard W Longmaid
Hugh Loughlin
George Mackarell
Marcus McLean
Thomas J Prichard
Thomas S Reay
Charles Schonewald
Roderic D Sharpe
John Simpson
Alfred J Trafford
James D Wilding

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