Saturday, November 8, 2014

Remembrance Sunday

Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday and I will be attending the 4pm Remembrance Service at St James, Toxteth. I will also be bringing a display of children's work - just a small display!

Windsor Community Primary School, very close to St James's Church, have been very busy since September learning about the First World War, visiting the Museum of Liverpool and holding their own WW1 day. They have kindly lent some of the children's work which has been chosen and arranged by a group of their children. I had a lovely time working with a group of 9 children from across the school and was impressed with the work they have been doing.

I have also managed to work with a small group of children in Woolton, looking at the sources of information I have researched for the men of the memorial. They have created collage posters presenting information about 3 of the men from the memorial so far.

Next week I will also be taking the story of the memorial and some of my WW1 resource to a school in Garston for two days of special WW1 Remembrance activities.

The centenary of WW1 has only just begun, it will continue until the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, but schools have certainly embraced the topic and I hope to be spending more time with local children spreading the story of our memorial and sharing the message of remembrance that goes with it.

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