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Fitter Herbert Jeffes 211207

There was only one H Jeffes on the CWGC database.
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Herbert William Reuben Jeffes was born on 26th Feb 1893 and baptised on 11th April that year. His parents were Herbert William and Sarah Ann Jeffes of Windsor Street. Herbert Senior was a ship steward.
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The 1901 census shows that the family were living at 40 Upper Stanhope Street, Sarah Ann and 3 children were at home at the time of the census plus her brother and 3 boarders.
The 1911 census shows that Herbert Senior was working as a Warehouse Porter in a rubber warehouse. Herbert junior was a porter and trunk maker for Finegan's, Liverpool. The family were living at 60 Upper Stanhope Street.
This census shows that Herbert and Sarah had been married for 19 years and had 10 children, only 4 of whom survived.
*************** MILITARY***************
Herbert William Reuben Jeffes enlisted on 9.12.1915
The papers are a little confusing about which regiment he was placed in as they show 6th King's Liverpool Regiment crossed out and 3rd West Lancs RFA put instead. His regimental number is given as 3026 then 686620 and 211207.
Medical report shows that he was 22years and 8 months, 5 feet 8 and 7/8 inches tall and 164lbs.
His next of kin was Herbert W Jeffes of 145 North Hill Street, Liverpool.
A certificate of trade proficiency shows that he passed the test to be declared a skilled fitter at Woolwich on 19.8.1916
Herbert Jeffes' service papers have the following details:
attested 9.12.15 at Princes Park Bks, Liverpool
mobilised 4.5.16
West Lancs RFA posted  Gnr 5.5.16
embarked UK 23.1.17
disembarked Salonica 3.2.17
attached ordnance 3.6.17
appt Ftr 18.7.17
posted to 99 aa section 15.8.17
allotted new regimental number 686620
RFA transferred Ftr 14.12.17
RA base posted to RA base depot Salonika for reporting to 27 Div 27.11.18
died fitter 14.12.18
Bronchio Pneumonia Salonika Buried at Janes Military Cemetery, Greece, 8 miles East of Lake Ardyan
Medal card for Herbert Jeffes - this does not record a third regimental number which is included in the other papers. It also doesn't have a note of his death or the theatre of war first entered and date.


click here to see the CWGC entry for H W R Jeffes

The file also contains the following papers which give a very poignant insight into this sad story:

13 Dec 1918
Regret inform you officer commanding 84th field ambulance BSF reports 11 Dec your son 211207 Fitter H W Jeffes RGA attached 96 Bty RFA dangerously ill Malaria Bronchitis regret permission to visit cannot be granted.
telegram Princes Rd Liverpool to Artillery Records, Dover
14 Dec
ask officer commanding 84th field ambulance BSF to keep us informed as to Fitter Jeffes211207 condition.
S A Jeffes
telegram Artillery Records, Dover to Mr H W Jeffes
15 Dec
No further news 211207 Fitter Jeffes received.
17 Dec 1918
Referring to your telegram Saturday last re fitter H W Jeffes 211207 attached 96th Battery RFA being dangerously ill with Malaria Bronchitis I would esteem it a great pleasure if you would kindly inform me of any further news from Salonika respecting his illness as we are waiting very anxiously indeed to hear what progress is being made in this very trying time for us.
Trusting you will kindly favour me with a reply as to further developments as soon as possilbe thanking you very much in anticipation.
I remain
yours respectfully
Herbert W Jeffes
telegram Woolwich to Dover
19 Dec 1918
Wire received .... reports 16 Dec 96/19 RFA att from 99 anti a c section RGA died broncho pneumonia 14 Dec 211207 Fitter Jeffes H W R
Field report
To Actg 3rd Echelon OC 96 Battery RFA
herewith report on illness and death of the late no 211207 Fitter Jeffes H W RGA who died in this field ambulance 14.12.18
Report of illness and death of no 211207 Fitter Jeffes H W RGA attd 96 battery RFA died in 84th Field Ambulance 14.12.18
This patient was taken ill on Dec 6th 1918 with a cough and pain over the (??) He was admitted to 84 field ambulance on Dec 10th the chest signs quickly became pronounced and he suffered from general diffuse bronchitis and patches of bronchial pneumonia.
On Dec 11th his name was on the OI list from the first detention in the fiels ambulance was necessary as he was unfit for evacuation. The temperature ranged from 100 to 104. He was given quinine treatment without any avail. Stimulants were administered from ??? ether and ammonia mixture, brandy, hypodermic injection of camphor without improving the condition. He complained of no pain.
He died at 0500 hours on 14 Dec 1918.
He had suffered from recurring attacks of Malaria contracted in Macedonia. His illness was undoubtedly accentuated by active service conditions.
There is a list of belongings that were returned to the family, it is not all legible but includes the following:
wallet, letters, photo, cards, gold ring, diary, story book, holdall, testament, scissors, comb, note book, french manual, knife, buttons, 2 model airoplanes, badges, match, signings, chain, sundries.
In 1919 Herbert's mother wrote requesting copies of his death certificate and book for allotment of gunner H W R Jeffes to help her claim monies owed.
There is a note to say that the requested documents were sent to her in 1921, and the postage stamps she included as payment were returned. Also a note that the family were informed of the exhumation and reburial of his body in a military cemetery.

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