Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frederick Hamilton update

Frederick Hamilton update (links to his page on this blog)

I think there is a possibility that Frederick Hamilton should have a CWGC commemoration. I'm trying to find proof but it's tricky!

I need to be able to prove that he was either still a serving soldier when he died or he contracted his illness while serving.

So far all I have are hints:
  • the death certificate lists his occupation as Corporal 1/5th King's Liverpool Regiment (boot salesman) he was a boot salesman before enlisting.
  • the pension form shows that his widow was granted a pension under articles 11 & 12 which state that he either died while a serving soldier or contracted his illness while a serving soldier... but those statements aren't actually on the form.
  • the family grave inscription suggests he died a soldier
  • the fact that he died in a military hospital
I have tried contacting a few people on ancestry who have him on their family tree but as none of them seem to have a date of death for him I don't hold out much hope. I'd still like to get in touch with them of course, to add them to the contact list.

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