Sunday, August 4, 2013

photographing churches

I've spent a few hours today visiting various churches in Liverpool and photographing their WW1 memorials.  I received a wonderfully warm welcome everywhere I went and many thanks are due to the various people who showed me around the churches and gave me lots of useful information about their memorials.

If you are interested in looking at WW1 plaques in Liverpool I would recommend visiting St Matthew and St James on Rose Lane, Mossley Hill and Christ Church on Linnet Lane Both of these wonderful buildings host a range of WW1 inscriptions (and interestingly, both suffered damage in WW2)

I took photographs of memorial to James Irvine, William Bolton, Hugh S Elliott and W H I Elliott which I will add to their posts on this blog.

I am also updating the posts to ensure they don't have any copyrighted material on (hence the disappearance of the Liverpool Museum Database photographs!) but the information contained in the photographs will be added to the posts, when I have time! While I do this, I am replacing census images with transcriptions as the images are very difficult to read.

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