Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liverpool Hall of Remembrance

An exciting development today... even though I am about a million miles from getting all this research completed and posted I thought I'd take the huge step of contacting Liverpool Council about getting the names on the Roll of Honour. I've got 25 men who are not on the list for whom I can prove their scouseness! I was surprised that the dates for living in Liverpool are confined to the war period though and that does make it a bit harder to prove but fortunately Ancestry have the Soldiers Died in the Great War entries and they usually have place of birth and/or place of residence.

So, I'm waiting to hear back about what they need from me. It's quite exciting. When I get a definite yes for whether there is a ceremony etc I will try and contact a few of the families that I've been researching.

There is also apparently a family history of the KLR type thingy on at the museum this weekend - I would love to go but if Chloe and Amy are sick I don't really see how it could work.  Will have to scratch my head over that one a bit, maybe I would actually be better going on a weekday when there are less visitors... or could I benefit from the expertise of people from the forums etc in person????

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