Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liverpool Hall of Remembrance

For those of  you that don't know, Liverpool Town Hall has a Hall of Remembrance where the names of Liverpool men who lost their lives in WW1 are inscribed on plaques on the walls.

The inscriptions were transcribed into a database that is searchable online here. There seem to be a few doubled up entries and possibly some errors but it's very useful. It is not a complete list by any means - apparently it was the responsibility of the families to ensure their loved-ones names were on there. I can imagine any number of reasons they didn't do it at the time. Still, I feel that everyone who lost their lives should be commemorated so I aim to get as many of the missing names from St James on to the Hall of Remembrance as I can. I am also tring to find relatives to get their approval and to let them know - assuming I can get the proof I need!

And, just as an aside, if you ever get the chance to visit the Town Hall you really should, it is a beautiful building with an amazing collection of art, objects and architecture inside.

The Anglican Cathedral also has a Book of Remembrance which apparently has 35000 names in it and is an amazing example of illuminated text. I aim to find out whether there is an index for it or something so you can find out if your relative is in there. More on that when I get any info. Maybe William is in there? Still, he'll have his name up in the Town Hall soon (fingers crossed!)

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