Sunday, June 17, 2012

John Campbell

Unfortunately, John Campbell is a common name; restricting a search of the 1911 census to the name John Campbell (without a middle name) and a year of birth 1880-1900 and born in Liverpool gives 20 results, the national roll of dead for the first world war shows 2 John Campbells from Liverpool were killed in the army and 2 in the navy. The CWGC database shows 1 John Campbell and 2 J Campbells in the King's (Liverpool) Regiment but we have no way of knowing if this was his regiment if he was even in the army.

Although it would be possible to identify the most likely names from these possibilities, it would all be guesswork without more information - perhaps there will be something in the church records that could help narrow it down but until I can get to the archives this will have to wait.


Becca Black said...

Have you considered Lance Corporal John Campbell S9154 Gordon Highlanders. He was born in Glasgow but lived at 16 Cornwallis Street which isn't far from St James's, also his effects were sent to an address in Nelson Street which is even nearer. On the other hand, he doesn't appear to have married at St James's or baptised his little girl there, so perhaps it is a blind alley
Becca Black

Becca Black said...

Actually he married in St Leonards Bootle in 1913 so he was c of e

Amanda said...

Thanks for the suggestion Becca, he's on the list of possibles but down as unlikely as his widow would have been the connection to St James and she had her army form certified at St Michaels. You have to feel for the poor widow, losing her husband then finding out he'd lied about a promotion and winning the DCM!