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Private James llewellin 35175, 4386, 53831

There were 2 results for this name on the CWGC database, one of them was from Liverpool, the other from Bristol.
I am indebted to Kathy Donaldson for providing information from a newspaper notice that helped me identify the correct Llewellin family.
 James Llewellin was born on 14th April 1891 in Liverpool. His parents John and Ellen Llewellin lived on Lowndes Street and John was a carter. James was baptised in St Peters' Church on 17th May.
The 1891 census shows that the family lived at 12A Lowndes street, John and Ellen had 2 sons with them plus Ellen's mother (Catherine Kenyon) sister (Amy Kenyon) and nephew (Ephrahim Kenyon)
John Llewellin died in 1894.
The 1901 census shows Ellen a widow and working as a charwoman. She was the head of the household at 27 Beamish Street with her mother and 4 sons.
Ellen Llewellin died in 1906.
The 1911 census shows how the 4 sons were taken in by their family.

Benjamin (aged 18) was living with his uncle William Kenyon at 30 Lawler st, Litherland and working as a shop boy in a drapery.
Stephen (aged 23) was living with his uncle William Henry Llewellin at 10 Admiral St, Liverpool and working as a range and grate fitter.
James and his brother John (aged 20 and 25) were living at 10 Hampton St with their aunt Elizabeth Hanning (formerly Kenyon, sister to Ellen Llewellin) James was working as boiler-maker labourer and John as a shoe-maker.
John later married one of the cousins they were living with, Elizabeth Ann Henning, in 1913 and they lived in Wesley St.
We do not know much about James Llewellin's military service. His medal card shows that he was a private in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers with the regimental number 4386 and then 53831.
The information on UK Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 shows that he was previously in the King's Liverpool Regiment with the number 35175.

UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919

James Llewellin
Birth Place:
Death Date:
26 Feb 1917
Death Location:
France & Flanders
Enlistment Location:
Royal Welsh Fusiliers
1st Battalion
Type of Casualty:
Killed in action
Theatre of War:
Western European Theatre
Formerly 35175, Liverpool Regiment.
James Llewellin was killed on 26th February 1917.
Kathy Donaldson ( ) provided the following information from notices in the local paper.
11th April 1917
James Llewellin reported missing
 22nd August 1917
James Llewellin previous reported missing, now reported killed. Third son of the late John and Ellen Llewellin of the Dingle. Brother of John Llewellin of 44 Wesley street, Liverpool.

click here to see the CWGC entry for James Llewellin (his regimental number is incorrect on the CWGC)
Extract from the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers War Diary
26th February 1917
12:15 am
Orders received by telephone from 91st Brigade that our Artillery would bombard PUISIEUX from 2a.m. to 6.20a.m. and that patrols were to be pushed out close to barrage and then go through the village at 6.20 a.m. and establish posts on the northern side.
B, C, and D coys ordered to send 3 patrols each and 2/borders to push patrols on N of SERRE ROAD
Brigade Order confirmed
1.17 am
message from D coy that touch had been gained with 8 N Staffs in RHINE TRENCH
8 a.m.
Battalion came under orders of G.O.C. 22nd Infantry Brigade who now took over the line.
message from 2nd Lieut Mills (D Coy) that his patrol was held up by a strong point at about L 19.d.50.50 (this was afterwards proved to be about 200yds of this point and off the SEREE ROAD)
10.10 a.m.
D Coy reported that patrols of 2/borders were retiring. They did not start till 8 a.m. )/C D Coy ordered to advance his line to RHINE TRENCH from L.19.c.30.30 to junction of PENDANT TRENCH and RHINE TRENCH.
C Coy to withdraw to SEREE dugouts
11.30 a.m.
report forn C Coy that there were 4 machine guns in SUNSET TRENCH        
12 noon information from brigade that 62nd Division on the right had occupied GUDGEON TRENCH and ORCHARD ALLEY
12.10 p.m. A Coy ordered to take up position in SUNSET TRENCH from (map ref) and to throw back the left flank to KAISER LANE but to consult with O/C BCoy before moving
1 p.m. Orders received to attack SUNSET TRENCH from (map ref) to SEREE ROAD then to work along SOAP ALLEY and to push patrols through PUISIEUX
2.40 p.m. Message from S.C. detailing officer and 30 men 2/H.A.C. to report to HQrs 1st R.W.F. to carry stokes mortar ammunition. These never arrived.
3.30 p.m. Battn H.Qrs moved to A Coy’s old Hd Qrs in SEREE
3.40 p.m. Orders issued A Coy had already been sent to take up position (see 10/26)
situation 62nd division gained GUDGEON TRENCH – this afterwards proved wrong
               19th division in BOX WOOD  with patrols in ROSSIGHOL TRENCH
B Coy on the right ordered to occupy KAISER LANE and to support A Coy making a defensive flank (map ref)
D Coy to advance at the same time on the left and capture KAISER LANE
C Coy to pass through and capture SUNSET TRENCH from (map ref) to SEREE ROAD (inclusive) and to bomb along SOAP ALLEY
2 sections bombers under 2nd Lieut KESTERTON were to move alone SEREE ROAD and to attack the strong point in flank
2/borders were in close support in WING TRENCH when the attack was launched.
Advance to commence at 4.45pm
4.40pm Enemy put up a terrific barrage of 5.9 along WING TRENCH from its junction with PENDANT TRENCH and thence S.E.
6.20pm D Coy 2/Borders came under orders of I.C. 1st R.W. Fus
6.25pm C Coy ordered to reinforce D Coy
6.35 pm message from C Coy that they had reinforced D Coy and that enemy was using gas shells
6.50pm messge received that D Coy had gained objective. C Coy were going through them. Enemy shelling heavily.
7.10pm Message from C Coy that they had captured objective and strong point
8.55 pm 2/Borders ordered to push up patrols through KAISER LANE and then through the village
9.15pm Message to 2nd Borders to send up bombs, whole attack held up.
9.45 C coy working down SOAP ALLEY not much resistance
10.20pm message from 2 Borders that 40 boxes of bombs were being sent up
11.10pm verbal message that A Coy were “in”
11.15 pm B Coy gained objective. All objectives had now been taken.
11.35pm 19th Div ordered to send patrols into the Northern part of the village but they did not do so.
Casualties – 10 killed, 30 wounded, 8 died of wounds, 4 missing.
Reinforcements – 2 from hospital, 2/Lt BLUCK from 2nd Bn, 5 from Base
Fighting continued throughout the following day then the company were relieved.
A sign of how bad a time they had of it – this list is from the following day 27th Feb
T/Capt A W ANSCOMBE M.C.         – wounded
2/Lieut F McKAY                                - wounded (died of wounds 28-2-17)
2/Lieut S SASSOON                           - struck off
T/Capt E.G. HAWES                           -      "      "  (Medical board)
T/Lieut J.R.P. ADAMS                        - wounded (shell shock)
2/Lt C.E. MONTGOMERIE                -        "  but remained at duty
2/Lt A.M. SYRETT                             -         " (shell shock) but remained at duty
O ranks – 11 killed, 22 wounded, 5missing, 2 died of wounds reinforcements – NIL

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